03/12/2017. Trade fair: TECNOLOGIA TATTILE E INDOSSABILE: COSÍ LA ROBOTICA DÁ UNA MANO & Invited Talk: by Domenico Prattichizzo (IIT): ”The future in the making”. 

01/12/2017 - 03/12/2017, Rome, Italy, Maker Faire - Rome. Link 1, Link 2

24/09/2017 - Benchmarking protocols for grasp planning.

Event: IROS workshop on Development of benchmarking Protocols for Robotic Manipulation. Máximo Roa.

Vancouver, Canada.

10/09/2017 - International Robotics Festival - Pisa (Italy)

Domenico Prattichizzo (IIT). Exhibitions and demos of the Sixth finger and the wearable haptic devices.

21/07/2017. Human hand stiffness and its transfer to robotic systems

Event: Summer School on Soft Manipulation. Hannes Höppner. Chiemsee, Germany.

For PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

24 April 2018 - Livorno (Italy).

Matteo Bianchi (UNIPI) held the "Workshop on Soft haptics: what has been done and what can be done". IEEE RAS CONFERENCE ROBOSOFT.

For international researchers.