15/02/2017.IIT. Zurich, Switzerland, Global Make Engineering 2017 OGSM workshop.

 Invited talk by Domenico Prattichizzo (IIT) on "Robot Manipulation".

The Summer School on Soft Manipulation was held between 17th and 21st of July 2017 in the Abbey Frauenwörth

The RRJS is an early workshop organized by the University of Pisa. Experts of different disciplines give hand-on presentations to students.

14/05/2018 Pint of Science Festival, "Robotic Hands: the challenge is to make them soft".

Siena. Maria Pozzi (IIT).

24/04/2018. Robotic perception and manipulation for agile production. Máximo Roa.

Event: Skolkovo Robotics Forum. Moscow, Russia.